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The Ridge Trail - Picture 7

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

Trail Marker for Ridge Trail on Chavez Ranch RdMap of South West Sedona, Az Hiking TrailsFrom Chavez Ranch Road you can take a short walk to the heading South west.  If you are comming from the Eastern end of the Secret Slickrock trail the trail is on your left. This portion of the Ridge Trail will loop you back to the ridge.  The second part of the ridge trail is a 0.5 mile easy hike.  Just follow the pictures below to hike to the Crescent Moon Picnic Area. 
Or you can continue on the Ridge Trail which heads north for 2.1 miles and will eventually lead to Bandit Trail.  From the Bandit Trail it is a 0.4 mile hike east to the Airport Loop Trail.  To the righ is a picture of the trailmarker on Chavez Ranch Road. Click to Enlarge  Go To Northern Section of Ridge Trail

From Crescent Moon Ranch:  If you are headed northeast from the Crescent Moon Picnic Area, the second part of the ridge trail is a 0.5 mile easy hike which leads to Chavez Ranch Road.  In this case the pictures below will be in reverse order. 

The Ridge Trail - Cropped

View a Zoom Out verison of the area view

From Chavez Ranch Rd:  The Ridge Trail Trailhead heading Southwest from Chavez Ranch Rd. 

Ridge Trail Trailhead off of Chavez Ranch Rd


Ridge Trail - Picture 2010

Ridge Trail - Picture 2020


Ridge Trail - Picture 2030



Ridge Trail - Picture 2050


Ridge Trail - Picture 2060


Ridge Trail - Picture 2070


Ridge Trail - Picture 2090

At a trail junction with Ramshead Trail, when heading southwest to to the left to hike to crescent moon picnic area or to go to the Secret Slickrock - Ridge Tail Junction. 

Ridge Trail - Picture 2100

Junction sign (Ramshead & Ridge Trails) 

Ridge Trail - Picture 2110 - Trail Junction Sign

Secret Slick Rock Junction in the distance. 

Ridge Trail - Picture 2120



  Ridge Trail - Picture 2130


Ridge Trail - Picture 2130


Ridge Trail - Picture 2140


Ridge Trail - Picture 2160

Looking back along the trail (view to the northeast).

Ridge Trail - Picture 2160


If you came from the frist part of the ridge trail,
then the pictures are reversed, the order you should
follow are from the bottom of the age to the top.


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