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The Ridge Trail - Picture 7

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

Secret Slickrock Trail

Trail Sign Map of South West Sedona, Az Hiking Trails The Secret Slick RockTrail is a 0.4 mile moderate trail which branches off of the Ridge Trail at the top of the ridge (at slick rock). If you are hiking the Ridge Trail from Crescent Moon Picnic Area you will take a right. If you are hiking southwest on the Ridge Trail, you will go to your left (see trail sign to the left). The trail ends at Chavez Ranch Road where you can take a left and it is a short walk back to the Ridge Trail.

The top of the ridge will overlook Crescent Moon Ranch and giving spectacular views of Cathedral Rock. 

The Ridge Trail - Cropped

View a Zoom Out verison of the area view

View of Cathedral Rock from the Juncion of Slick Rock Trail and Ridge Trail.  Note the Carion on the top of the rock hill which is the continuation of Slick Rock Trail.  In the lower lower middle portion of the picture you can see the trail junction sign.  Click on the picture to enlarge.  

View of Cathedral Rock from the Juncion of Slick Rock Trail and Ridge Trail
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View from the trial junction of Secret Slickrock Trail and Ridge Trail of the second half of the ridge trail. 

View of the second half of the Ridge Trail

From the trail junction of Secret Slickrock Trail and Ridge trail. In the picture, the Ridge Trail can be seen going to the left, Secret Slickrock Trail can be seen continuing to the right.   

View of Secret Slick Rock Trail

View of continuation of the Secret Slickrock trail. A close up view of the trail is shown below.  

View of Secret Slickrock Trail

Hike to the first cairn on the Secret Slickrock Trail
You can get to the cairns by two routes. The one on the left takes you close to the cliff.  The one on the left is safer and has an easy stepping notch carved into the rock. 
Click on the Picture to Enlarge

The approach to the rock climb.

The approach to the rock climb

Path to the right by the cliff.

Path to the right

Path to the right is much safer. The rock step is show below:

Rock Steps 

Path to the left -- Much safer

On top of the ridge there is a short walk and the Secret Slickrock Trail continues up the hill.   

Short walk to a path leading up the hill

View of Cathedral Rock from on top of the ridge.  

Top of Ridge

Path Continues up the hlllThe trial continues up a hill. Easy walk up the hill using shelf rocks for stepping stones.   

    Easy walk up the hill.


Trail continues up the hill

View of Cathedral Rock. 

View of Cathedral Rock


Secret Slick Rock Trail - 1


Secret Slick Rock Trail - 2


Secret Slick Rock Trail - 3 


Secret Slick Rock Trail - 4 


Secret Slick Rock Trail - 5 


Secret Slick Rock Trail - 6

View of Courthouse Butte.

Secret Slick Rock Trail - 7

View of Courthouse Butte.

View of Courthouse Butte 

View of Two Nuns from Slick Rock Trail.

Secret Slickrock Trail - 10



Secret Slickrock Trail - 11


Secret Slickrock Trail - 11 


Secret Slickrock Trail - 12


Secret Slickrock Trail - 13


Secret Slickrock Trail - 14


 Secret Slickrock Trail - 14


Secret Slickrock Trail - 15 

Courthouse Butte.

Courthouse Butte 

Trailhead sign at the Chavez Ranch Road.

Closeup of Sign

Trailhead Sign 


Chavez Ranch Road can then be followed North (to the left) to the Junctioni with Ridge Trial. Ridge Trail can be taken (to the right or Northeast) to the Airport Loop or back (to the left or to the Southwest) to Crescent Moon Picnic Area.

Continuation of Hike: Ridge Trail to Airport Loop

Continuation of Hike: Ridge Trail to Crescent Moon Picnic Area 

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