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Looking Back on the Bell Rock Trail, Leading to the Northern Parking Lot

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The Bell Rock Pathway (Path) - Final Leg to the Southern Bell Rock Parking Lot. 

Just south of Bell Rock is the Southern Junction of Bell Rock Pathway and the Courthouse Butte Loop Trail.    The light blue arrow continues to the Southern Bell Rock Parking Lot, the red arrow shows the Southern trailhead of the Courthouse Butte Loop Trail.

Trail Head Sign -- Courthouse Butte Loop 
Trailhead Sign for Courthouse Butte Loop.

Southern Junction of Bell Rock Pathway & Courthouse Butte Loop Trail

Aerial view of the southern part of the Bell Rock Pathway (red)  The Courthouse Butte Loop Trail is shown in dark blue. 

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Aerial View of Southern Bell Rock Pathway

Heading away from Bell Rock (Looking North)


The final portion of the trail is lined by a fence (Looking North).

Heading towards Bell Rock 

The Trailhead for Big Park Loop Trail forks off to the right.    (Looking North)

Trailhead for Big Park Loop 

The end of the Trail. -- Looking North.

Bell Rock Parkway - Southern Part 

View looking North just before arriving at the Bell Rock Southern Parking Lot.  Note the hiker Registry Stand in the lower right portion of the photograph.

Start of Trail from Southern Parking Lot

Arrival at Southern Parking Lot:  The Bell Rock Pathway ends at the Southern Bell Rock Parking Lot.   Looking back you have excellent views of both bell rock and courthouse butte loop. 

Courthouse Butte, Sedana Arizona

Bell Rock Sothern Parking Lot

View of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte from the Southern Parking Lot. 

Bell Rock & Courthouse Butte

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