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View to the North from Airport Loop Trail / Overlook Point Parking Lot

View to the east from Overlook Point
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Soldier Pass Trail To Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole and The Seven Sacred Pools

Seven Sacred Pools -- Aerial Map of TrailThe trip from Soldier Pass Parking Lot can be divided into two parts.

1) A short walk to the Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole.
2) Follow Soldier Pass Trail to the Seven Sacred Pools. 

Aerial View of Trail to the Seven Sacred Pools. is shown to the right.
Click on Aerial Map To Enlarge


Soldier Pass Parking Lot to Devil's Kitchen Sink Hole

Soldier Ridge Parking Lot.

Soldier Pass Parking Lot

Trail Signs at Soldier Pass Trailhead.

Trail Signs at Start of Trail

Initial part of trail leads toward the "Sphinx" rock formation.

Solgier Pass Trail - 1

Trail leads down to and traverses a creek bed. 

Trail leads to a creek bed.


Soldier Pass Trzil - 2

Trail traverses the creek bed and leads up the other side.   

Soldier Pass Trail = 7


  Soldier Pass Trail - 8


Soldier Pass Trail - 5


Soldier Pass Trail - 10 


Soldier Pass Trail - 11


Soldier Pass Trail - 12

From the Top of the opposite bank it is an easy walk to the Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole.   The sinkhole sits at the base of the Sphinx Rock Formation.

Soldier Pass Trail - 13


Soldier Pass Trail - 14

View of Sphinx Rock Formation. 

View of Sphinx Rock


Soldier Pass Trail - 16

View to the East.

View to the East

View to the North

View to the North

Approaching Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole.

 Last Leg to Sphinx Rock Formation

Trail sign at juction of Jordan Trail, leading to the East (right).

Trail Sign at Junction of Jordan Trail 

Start of Jordan Trail to the East (right).  

Start of Jordan Trail


Start of Jordan Trail - 2

Rock Erosion and Stratum Information Sign

Rock erosions and stratum information sign.


Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole (At the base of Sphinx Rock Formation - Not Shown).

Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole -1


Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole - 2


Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole - 3


Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole - 4

Soldier Pass Trail Continues to the Northwest (to the left).

Solider Pass Trail to Seven Sacred Pools.



Continuation of Trail:  Second Leg of Trail -- To The Seven Sacred Pools

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