Cathedral Rock

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MP4  Video of Cathedral Rock Trail ( I Pad )

View from Trail Leading From Parking Lot to Templeton Trail at the Base of Cathedral Rock

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

Approaching Cathedral Rock from Parking Log

View of Cathedral Rock at Trails End

The second half of Templeton Trail is an easy to moderate trail down hill.   You can start this portion of the trail from the Cathedral Rock Parking Lot or you can take a long hike using Starting at the Little Hoarse Parking Lot and taking the Bell Rock Pathway and HT Trail.

You will encounter bikers along the trail.    The trail does not loop so you will have to hike back up a rather long trail, be piced up along Baldwin Trail (Verde Valley School Road)  or be picked up at Crescent Moon Picnic Area.  The later required a forging of Oak Creek.

Templeton Trail - Trail Sign   


Looing back along templeton trail

Looking back at Courthouse Butte. 

Looking Back at Court House Butte

Looking at the beginning of the final leg of Templeton Trail

Looking at the beginning of the final leg of Templeton Trail


Templeton Trail - Pictue 6
Templeton Tail - Picture 408
 Templeton Trail - Picture 409

Looking up at Cathedral Rock



Looking up at Cathedral Rock
  Templeton Trail - Pictue 411
  Templeton Trail - Picture 412
Templeton Trail - Picture 413

A biker on Templeton Trail 

Templeton Tail - Picture 414
  View from Templeton Trail

View of the Two Nuns from Templeton Trail. 

Templeton Trail - Pictue 417
  Templeton Trail - Picture 417


Templeton Trail - Picture 418
  Templeton Trail - Picture 419
Templeton Trail - Picture 420
Biker on Templeton Trail - Starting the Descent

Descending Switchback on Templeton Trail 

Descending Switchback on Templeton Trail

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