Cathedral Rock


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Call of Canyon to Meyhew's Lodge

Trailhead to Fourth Stream Crossing

Fourth Stream Crossing to Rock Slide Area

Rock Slide Area to Trail On Rock Overhang

Trail On Rock Overhang to Trail End

West Fork Trail View Downstream

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

Last Part of Trail to Narrow Canyon Pool - Trail End

West Fork Trail Downstream View


Leafs in Stream


Bamboo Grass

Stream Crossing

West Fork Trails View of Cliffs and Stream Crossing


West Fork Trail Egg Rock

West Fork Trail Stream Crossing and Steep Cliffs

Fall Follage and Steep Cliffs

West Fork Tail - Creek and Fall Foliage

West Fork Trail Woods and Trees

Leafs In Stream

West Fork Trail - View Upstream

Fall Foliage

West Fork Trial Trees and Cliffs

Bamboo Grass

West Fork Trail - Upper Path


Upper West Fork Trail

On the last leg one hikes up a short moderate climb using rock stepping stones.

Moderat Climb to End of Trail

Hiking down this section of the trail.  

Hiking Back Downhill

The pictures below show the end of first section of West Fork Trail.  The stream flows though a narrow canyon with steep walls on both sides.  The trail continues for another 11 miles.  However, one will have to wade through the stream.  From here the hike is very challenging and requires an overnight stay. 

West Fork Trail - Trail EndWest Fork Trail - End  


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