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This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  


Devil's Bridge Trailhead

The left is an aerial view of Devil's Bridge Trail. The trail is 0.8 miles long with an elevation of 350 feet. The last part of the trail has areas which require use of both arms and legs to transverse.

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Devils Bridge Ariel View

More Information Regarding Devil's Bridge from the Forest Service USDA:

Trail Map shows the trailhead. However, there is only a very rough jeep road which cars are not able to travel. Thus, most hikers approach the trail head via Chuck Wagon Trail or Hike Forest Road 152. 

Devils Bridge Trail Sign

Entrance to Parking Lot off Forest Road
Entrance to Parking Lot off Forest Road 152.

Devils Bridge Trail Parking Lot.

Parking Lot -- Devils Bridge Trail

Devil's Bridge Trailhead

Devils Bridge Trailhead

Beginning of Devil's Bridge Trailhead

 Begining of Devils Bridge Trail

Devil's Bridge Trail

Devils Bridge Trail
Devils Bridge Trail Further Up Trail

The trail starts to become steeper and natural rock steps can  be seen.

Trail Gets Steaper

The trail continues to steepen.

Devils Bridge Trail -- Rock Steps

Large natural rock step.

Rock Steps 

Rock steps. Note the snow covering the rocks. This picture was taken during the winter months.

Rock Steps

Western face of Courthouse Butte.

Rock Steps - Devils Bridge Trail Picture 4

Large rock steps before the steep ascent of the trail is reached..

Rock Steps - Devils Bridge Trail Pictuer 5

View to the South.

View to the south from Devils Bridge Trail

View up the trail. Note the hiders on a rock ledge at the first part of the steep ascent.

View up Devils Bridge Trail 

Starting the Ascent.  Note the man made rock steps.


Man made rock steps

View to the South, higher up on the trail.

View to the south - higher up

View of Devil's Bridge from the Trail Below.

View of Devils  Bridge from the Trail Below

Starting the Very Steep Ascent. There are several areas which require both arms and legs to ascent.

The Start of the Steep Ascent

  Continuation of Hike: Ascent To Devil's Bridge

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