Cathedral Rock

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This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

I must admit, I descended from the overlook with some trepidation. I could walk down most of the trail but I also sat and crawled down some of the steeper sections.

Cathedral Rock Overlook view to the Southwest.

Descending from Cathedral Rock Overlook.

Descending from Cathedral Rock Overlook.

Descending from Cathedral Rock Overlook.

Descending from Cathedral Rock Overlook

Upper trail to Cathedral Rock Overlook - Looking down the trail with view to the North.

Upper Trail to Cathedral Rock Overlook - View to the North


View to the North as one descends Cathedral Rock.

Descending from Cathedral Rock - View North

Descending from Cathedral Rock - Upper section of trail.

Descending from Cathedral Rock - Upper Section of Trail

Descending from Cathedral Rock Overlook.

Continuing the descent down the upper section.

Decending Upper Trail Cathedral Rock

Descent on Upper Section of Cathedral Rock Trail

View of Courthouse Butte.

Flowering agave.


View of the upper section's Plateau, before descending down the steep section.  The trail is well marked with cairns.    

View of Upper Section Plateau

Cairns leading to the steep middle portion descent. 

Looking down at the base of Cathedral Rock. 


Cairns leading down the steep middle portion descent.

Hikers may choose to descend down the east or west fork. See pictures below taken with a telephoto lens.   


East Fork -- Hikers Decending 
Hikers Descending the East Fork
 Hikers Descending the West Fork
         Hiker Descending the West Fork

This is a view of the groove part of the steep section. A ledge with the first (lower) cairn can be seen.  This section is best slid down. The groove firmly holds one in place.

Navigating the lower portion of the grove "on all fives".

Descending the Grove Part of the Steep Section

The second to  last part of the steep section is then traversed. This leads to a ledge above the five foot rock climb which needs to be descended.

The picture on the right was taken from the ledge just above the five foot rock climb. The trail which traverses down the base section can be seen. 

View from above the Lowest Ledge of the Steep Sectoin

Finally, the base section is reached and all that is left is an easy hike to the parking lot.

Trail Up Base of Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock - view to the Southeast.

Cathedral Rock Trail as viewed from a distance.

Cathedral Rock Trail - Viewed From a Distance

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