Cathedral Rock


Bell Rock Asscent 2

The beginning of the final ascent of Bell Rock is shown in the purple circle.  The blue box shows the area of the eastern path to the top of the spire of Bell Rock.   An enlargement of this area is shown below.  Click on the Yellow Numbers to enlarge the area of the path. 

 Bell Rock Final Ascent
   Upper Portion of Bell Rock
      Upper Portion of Bell Rock.  The Blue Number Correspond to the Pictures Below. 


(10)   Top of the Upper Slide Area.   (Click on Picture to Enlarge)


(11)   A short ascent leads to an alcove area.  The hikers are headed east toward the final ascent to a spire.   (Click on Picture to Enlarge)


(12)   An easy climb form the alcove area leads the hiker between the Northern (right) and Eastern (Left) Spires.   (Click on Picture to Enlarge)


(13)   The hiker is starting to ascend the Eastern Spire.    (Click on Picture to Enlarge)


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