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Soldier Pass Trail - Hiking Up Canyon
Brins Mesa Trail
Soldier Pass Trail - Hiking Down
Jordan Trail and Cibola Pass Trail

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

Soldier Pass Arches

The northern arch of Soldier Pass Arches.  If you see this view, you have traveled too far up (North) the trail and have passed the Soldier Pass Arches Trailhead.    


Below is an Aerial view of trail to Soldier Pass Arches. The trail outlines will disappear every 5 seconds.    

Topographic Map of Trail to Soldier Arches

Aerial View of trail to Soldier Pass Arches

The trail to the Soldier Pass Arches branches off the main Soldier Pass Trail in the wilderness area. There was a log and rocks blocking the trail (May 2009). 


The trail is well formed.  Next to the trail is a "Wilderness Sign" on a tree.

Rock steps take the trail up to a large rock plateau.

View to the Northwest of the area where Soldier Pass Trail ascends to Brins Mesa. 


Large rock mesa.   

The trail continues in the Northeast part of the rock mesa.

The trail leaves the mesa and ascends upwards.


View to the Northwest in the area where Soldier Pass Trail ascends onto Brins Mesa.

Hiking towards the arches

Approaching the arches. 

Closeup view of the northern arch. 

Looking up under the northern arch.

Looking up from under the southern arch.

Looking to the Northwest from the northern arch.

Looking down from the southern arch. 

A view towards the Southeast over the large rock mesa.

Heading back (South) over the large rock mesa.

View to the Southeast.

Short trail off the Southwest side of the rock mesa which links with Soldier Pass Trail.

A side trail also heads up to the arches. This trail is less well maintained. The trailhead is just after one crosses the fence in the Soldier Pass Trail which marks the beginning of the wilderness area. The trail finally ends in the large rock plateau and one continues to the arches using the trail off the Northeast end of the mesa. 



The large rock mesa can be seen in the upper left hand side of the picture.