Cathedral Rock


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Call of Canyon to Meyhew's Lodge

Trailhead to Fourth Stream Crossing

Fourth Stream Crossing to Rock Slide Area

Rock Slide Area to Trail On Rock Overhang

Trail On Rock Overhang to Trail End

West Fork Trail Traverses On Top of a Rock Overhang

West Fork Trail

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

Rock Slide Area To Trail On Overhanging Rock

West Fork Trail


Moss Ball

Moss Balls

Follage and Cliffs - West Fork Trail

West Fork Trail - Stream and Cliffs

West Fork Trail - Stream and Cliffs


West Fork Trail - Hiker and Cliffs

Huge Rectangular Boulder:  Large rock boulder shaped like a box.

West Fork Trail - Large Rock Cube

West Fork Trail Cliffs and Red Tree

Stream crossing with rock steps leading out of the creekbed. 

Steam Crossing with Rock Steeps

West Fork Lake Reflecting Pool

Rock Formations on West Fork Trail

West Fork Lake Cliffs and Stream

West Fork Trail


West Fork Trail and Rock OverhangTrail on top of Overhanging Rock

The trail traverses on top of a rock overhang (looking downstream at overhang.)  

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