Cathedral Rock

Hiking Loops described in this website are listed below:
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  Unlike most trails, a hiking loop allows the hiker to encounter new views and experiences along the entire trial. The hiker does not backtrack along his steps onces the end of the trail is reached. 
Popular Hiking Loops:
  1. Bell Rock Courthouse Butte Loop - 3.5 miles.

  2. Broken Arrow Trail, Little Horse Trail, Chapel Trail, Mystic Trail and Morgan Road - 5.2 miles.

  3. Chicken Point Loop - Mystic Trail, Hog Wash Trail, Hog Heaven Trail, High on the Hog Trail, Broken Arrow Trail, Little Horse Trail, and Chapel Trail - 4.2 Miles (Difficult).

  4. Hog Heaven Trail Loop - Hiking Clockwise - 3.5 Miles (Difficult).

  5. Airport Loop Trail - 3.5 Miles.

  6. Brins Mesa Trail, Soldier Pass, Jordan Trail and Cibola Pass - 4.5 Miles


Wildlife & Flowers

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Bell Rock, Sedona, Az
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Trailhead Bell Rock Pathway


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Desert Quail Inn
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Cactus Flower Slide Show


Purple Cactus Flower

View to the southeast from the base of Cathedral Rock.