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Broken Arrow Trail
Chicken Point to Chapel of the Holy Cross
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Submarine Rock

Looking Back Across Mergs Draw

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Broken Arrow, Chapel, Mystic Trail Loop
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Broken Arrow Trail to Chicken Point

The Broken Arrow Trail is 1.7 miles to Chicken Point and has an elevation gain of 300 feet.  The hike is easy to moderate. The trailhead and parking lot is 0.2 miles past the end of Morgan Road. A poorly graded dirt road (as of Oct. 2008) leads to the parking lot.  

Picture on the right shows the end of Morgan Road and the start of the dirt access road to the Broken Arrow parking lot. Photographs of this trail are shown on two pages. 

For more information go the the US Forest Service Website:

Note:  All trail maps are designed to give the hiker an idea what he/she will encounter.  They are not designed for navigation or to be used as a source of directions for a hike.



Parking lot Broken Arrow Trail.

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Broken Arrow Trail Parking Lot

Broken Arrow Trail trailhead.

Broken Arrow Trail Trailhead

The view to the west at the start of the Broken Arrow Trail.   Below are some bikers on the Butte's slope.

Biker's on the Butte's Slope

Looking west from the start of Broken Arrow Trail 

View to the south.

Broken Arrow Trail View to South

First part of the trail is an easy hike.

Broken Arrow Trail

Cairns mark the trail as you traverse flat rocks.  Note Submarine Rock just barely be seen above the lower tree line, to the right of the distant cairn.

Carines Line The Trail 

View to the northeast.

Broken Arrow Trail - View to Northeast

Trail uses rock steps to ascend around the first rock.

View to the west of the top of the first rock you are passing.

Close Up View

View to the south as the trail continues around the rock into the Devil's Dining Room.

Broken Arrow Trail - View South

Submarine Rock - Distant view.

Submarine Rock - Distant View


View of the eastern butte of the Twin Buttes.  Broken Arrow trail will ascend and pass to the east (left) of this butte as it nears Chicken Point.

Broken Arrow Trail

View to north from Broken Arrow Trail.

viw to South from Broken Arrow Trail

View to the north across Marg's Draw

Mergs Draw

The trail traverses a rock slide.

Rock Slide

Cairns mark the trail as one enters the Devil's Dining Room.

Broken Arrow Trail

Looking back (northeast) across Marg's Draw

Mergs Draw

Looking east at Submarine Rock.  Munds Mountain can be seen on the horizon. 

Submarine Rock

At approximately 0.65 miles, the Devil's Dining Room Sinkhole is encountered.  It is approximately 25 feet across and very deep.  The bottom cannot be seen

Devil's Dining Room Sinkhole

Sinkhole Bat Sign    

Signs explaining the Devil's Dining Room Sinkhole.

Devil's Dining Room Sinkhole Sign

Looking east at Munds Mountain.

Munds Mountain

Broken Arrow Trail

The trail now starts to round the eastern butte of the Twin Buttes. 

Broken Arrow Trail

Broken Arrow Trail

At about one mile from the parking lot, the trail divides.  The main trail heads to the left and leads another 1/2 mile to Chicken Point.  The trail straight ahead leads to Submarine Rock.   

Broken Arrow Trail - Trail Divides

Continuation of Hike: Go to last half of trail and views from Chicken Point