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Broken Arrow Trail
Chicken Point to Chapel of the Holy Cross
Mystic Trail and Roads

Submarine Rock

Chicken Point

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  


The Broken Arrow Trail now ascends 0.5 miles in a moderate climb to Mushroom Rock and Chicken Point vistas. Good footing with many rock steps. ( Go To beginning of Broken Arrow Trail )


The trail leads South (take the branch to the right).

Start of Second Part of Broken Arrow Trail


Broken Arrow Trail

View to the Southeast.

Broken Arrow Trail

The trail is marked with cairns and ascends using rock steps.

Rock Steps

Rock Steps Broken Arrow Trail

Continued Ascent Broken Arrow Trail

View to the North, back down the trail traveled.

View to the North

Pink Jeep descending after visiting Chicken Point and the Mushroom Rock Vista.

View to the North from just above Mushroom Rock.

View to the Southwest

View to the Southwest

View of Mushroom Rock Vista. The jeeps go around this rock on their tour.

View of Mushroom Rock

Mushroom Rock

Mushroom Rock on Broken Arrow Trail

Pink Jeep going around Mushroom Rock note submarine rock in the background. Click on Picture to Enlarge. 

Pink Jeep Rounding Mushroom Rock

Submarine Rock - A view of Submarine Rock can be seen.
Submarine Rock - Close Up

Submarine Rock

The final leg to Chicken Point.

Final Leg to Chicken Point

Looking south with Lees Mountain to the left of the canyon.

Lees Mountain

The trail now approaches Chicken Point.

Approching Chicken Point

Rock Formations Near Chicken Point

Final Leg of Broken Arrow Trail

View to the Southeast.

View to Southeast

Eastern butte of the Twin Buttes (view to the West).

Eastern Butte of the Twin Buttes

As one enters the pass, Bell Rock can now be seen on the horizon.

Final Leg Broken Arrow Trail

A view of Bell Rock from Chicken Point (hikers are on the vista). Chicken Point is at the end of the Jeep Trail.  Some locals attribute its name to the reluctance of drivers ( and rightly so) to drive their jeeps around the center rock of the point. 

Chicken Point

View (looking West) from the northside of Chicken Point.

Chicken Point

Chicken Point Vista.

Chicken Point Vista

View (looking West) from the southside of Chicken Point.  

View from south side of Chicken Point.

Continuation of Hike: Little Horse Trail to Chapel Trail to the Chapel of the Holy Cross.