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Submarine Rock

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Submarine Rock

Submarine Rock is a popular destination which offers beginning climbers the chance to try out their skills.  The total length of the trail is approximately 1.3 miles from the Broken Arrow parking lot. 

The picture on the right was taken looking northeast from Mushroom Rock Vista on Broken Arrow Trail.

Submarine Rock


At one mile the trail branches off Broken Arrow Trail and courses approximately 1/3 of a mile to Submarine Rock. 

Trail Head Submarine Rock

View to north as one gently descends on the trail. 

View to North Submarine Rock Trail

The trail traverses a wash area with relatively flat rocks.

Submarine Rock Trail

Trail exits the wash area.

Submarine Rock Trail Exits Wash Area 

The eastern butte of the Twin Buttes can be seen to the west.

View to the West

Closeup view of the above picture.

Close Up View of Twin Butte

View to the northeast across Marg's Draw. 

View to the North East - Submarine Rock Trail

Final approach to Submarine Rock.  A short wooded area is traversed.  The trail then leads across a jeep trail and across a narrow dry creek bed. 

Approaching Submarine Rock

View as one ascends Submarine Rock. 

Climbing Submarine Rock

View to the north - halfway up the rock.

View to the North

View to the north from halfway up Submarine Rock.

View to the South - Half Way Up Submarine Rock

View to the south from on top of Submarine Rock

View South on top of Submarine Rock

Top of Submarine Rock

Top of Submarine Rock

View to the south

View to the South From Top of Submarine Rock

View to the southwest at the pass leading to Chicken Point

View to Southeast 

Northern view from Submarine Rock.

Northern View - Submarine Rock

The return on the Submarine Rock Trail leads west from the jeep trail. 

Return on Submarine Rock Trail

Returning on Submarine Rock Trail
Returning on Submarine Rock Trail. On the horizon is a view of the Eastern butte of the Twin Buttes.  

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