Cathedral Rock


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Broken Arrow Trail
Chicken Point to Chapel of the Holy Cross
Mystic Trail and Roads
Submarine Rock

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.

Broken Arrow, Chapel, Mystic Trail Loop
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Broken Arrow -Chapel-Mystic Trails Loop - 5.2 Miles

The picture on the right is looking North. It shows the Twin Buttes, the rock formation which the Broken Arrow - Chapel and Mystic Trail loop encircles.

Shown below is a topographic map outlying the Broken Arrow Trail and Chapel of the Holy Cross Loop. This hike took us about four hours and is approximately 5.0 miles. The hike is moderate with a 300 foot elevation: Excellent views from Chicken Point along with passing by a small sinkhole and a side trail to Submarine Rock.

Twin Buttes and Chicken Point

Note: All trail maps are designed to give the hiker an idea what he/she will encounter. They are not designed for navigation or to be used as a source of directions for a hike.

The picture on the right shows the western butte of the Twin Buttes and the pass that contains Chicken Point. The weather is overcast and stormy


The trail signs on the below and on the right shows the trails to be taken around the Twin Buttes. 

Broken Arrow Trail Map

Route taken (Click on the links below for an expanded description of the trails & hikes)  Click On Picture To Enlarge

Trail to Submarine Rock

New trails now allow an alternative route to avoid hiking along roads. Two paths back to the Broken Arrow Parking Lot are Possible. Each starts at the Hog Wash - Mystic Trail Junction after hiking the Hog Wash Trail for 0.4 miles.  View Trail Map

1) Hog Wash Trail will take you back to Broken Arrow Trail and from there a short hike to the parking lot.

2) Or After hiking Hog Wash Trail for 0.6 Miles it will joing with Hog Heaven Trail. Hog Heaven can be taken to Twin Butte Trail which will then Broken Arrow Trail. From there it is just a short hike to the Broken Arrow Parking Lot. 

Click on map to the right to enlarge (Note:  North is at the top of this map).  Click on the trails on the topographic map below to view pictures.