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Looking Back at Bell Rock

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Courthouse Butte Loop

The Courthouse Butte Loop trail leaves the Bell Rock Trail Pathway. The sign marks where the trail begins. 

The red arrow shows the approach from the north. The blue arrow shows the approach from the South Bell Rock parking Lot

Bell Pathway to Courthouse Butte


Courthouse Butte

Valley between Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte

Valley Between Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte

In this area the Big Park Loop intersects the pathway

The trail passes to the south of Courthouse Butte.

Courthouse Butte Loop Trail



Trail South of Courthouse Butte

Southern tip of Courthouse Butte

Southern Tip Courhouse Butte

Southeast side of Courthouse Butte

Southeast Side of Courthouse Butte

Big Park Loop leaves the pathway. 

Southern side of Courthouse Butte and view to the east. 

View to the southeast.

View Southeast

View From Courthouse Loop Trail

View to the east.  The Rabbit Ears rock formation is coming into view. 

Viiew Rabbit Ears in Distance

The trail crosses a dry creek

Looking North up the creek bed.

The trail continues north on the east side (right) of the creek bed.

East side of Courthouse Butte.

East Side of Courthouse Butte

The Trail leaves the creek bed and continues north. 

To the east is the Rabbit Ears rock formation.

Rabbit Ears Rock Formation

The Trail reenters another flat area. 


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