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Vista Looking North

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Courthouse Butte Loop

The Trail leaves a creek bed passes to the west of Spaceship Rock formation. 

The Trail follows the creek bed until Spaceship Rock is seen.  Cairns mark the trail in this area.  The trail leaves the creek bed and passes to the west of  Cupcake Rock formation. 

At the base of spaceship rock looking back at the Rabbit Ear Rock formation. 

You are now northeast of Courthouse Butte.  The picture on the right shows the view to the north.   You are now traveling west, north of Courthouse Butte.

View to the north from Courthouse Butte Loop




Looking back to the east shows Spaceship Rock and the Rabbit Ears rock formation. 

View to the East - Courthouse Butte Loop Trail

Looking back to the east at Spaceship Rock and the Rabbit Ears rock formation.   Hikers have climbed up the northern side to Spaceship Rock to reach the top.

Looking north. 



Looking southwest you can barely make out the top of Bell Rock.

Looking Southwest

Top of Bell Rock is now easily seen.

Top of Bell Rock

There are many side trails in this area and it is easy to get off the main trail.  Keep Bell Rock in view and head towards it.

Trail North of Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock

Shown here is the east side of Northern Bell Rock, a large rock formation in the mid-valley, that was seen from the parking lot.    Note Cathedral Rock on the horizon. 

The trail splits just to the south of this formation.  If you take the right hand fork, the trail goes to the western side of the rock formation.  A valley will separate you from the parking lot.

Take the trail which heads towards Bell Rock. 

Rock Fomration

The trail reaches a small summit and Cathedral Rock comes into view.

Cathedral Rock, Sedona Arizona

The trail heads toward Bell Rock. .

Northern Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock can be seen. 

Up ahead the Courthouse Butte Trail ends at the junction of the Bell Rock Pathway.  From here hike south on the Bell Rock Pathway, towards Bell Rock.  


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