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Jordan Trail Heading East
Jordan & Cibola Pass Trail Heading East
Soldier Pass South Trailhead - Heading Up

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

Hiking Cibola Pass Trail West to Jordan Trail
Ending at the Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole


These two trails will lead a hiker to the Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole and the trailhead/parking lot of Soldier Pass Trail.

The Trail can be divided into three segments.


For more information go to the U.S. Forest Service Website.  

Aerial Map of Jordan and Cibola Pass Trail
Topographic Map of Cibola Pass (Yellow) and Jordan trail (Green)


The Cibola Pass Trailhead in 2009 branches to the left in the first section of the Brins Mesa Trail. The first branch to the left is Jordan Trail, the second is Cibola Pass Trail. The arrow denotes the Brins Mesa Parking Lost.

Cibola Pass Trail Map

Aerial view of eastern side of Cibola Pass

Aerial View Eastern Side of Cibola Pass 

Cibola Pass Trail starts just passed the Brins Mesa Trailhead

Cibola Pass TrailheadThe OLD Cibola Pass Trailhead (2008 and before) is shown on the picture on the right, it was located just South of the Brins Mesa parking lot. 



Cibola Pass Trailhead


This initial trail is an easy flat walk




The Mitten Rock Formation starts to come into view.


This Mitten Rock Formation can be clearly seen.


The trail enters the  "Wilderness Area" and a moderate climb is ahead.


Several rock steps are taken to ascend the trail.  

Cibola Pass Trail - Rock Steps 


Top of Cibola Pass Trail 

A view to the North just below the top of Cibola Pass. 




Approaching the top of Cibola Pass. 


View to the East from the top of Cibola Pass. 

View to the East - Cibola Pass 

On the top of Cibola Pass. Next the hike will descend down the West side. 


A view to the West from the top of Cibola Pass. 

View to the West - Cibola Pass Trail 


View to the West - Cibola Pass Trail 

Hiking down the West side of Cibola Pass Trail. 

Cibola Pass Trail - West Side 


West Side of Cibola Pass Trail

Cibola Pass Trail (blue arrow) joins Jordan Trail (red arrow) for a short hike West to the Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole.   



Jordan Trail Headiing West 







The Sphinx Rock Formation.






Jordan Trail 

Looking West, one can barely see Chimney Rock.  

Jordan Trail Looking West 



The Devils Kitchen Sinkhole is reached.

 Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole

The trail to the Soldier Pass parking lot is to the left (South).  It is well marked with a sign and cairns.   

These next set of photographs are taken in the opposite direction. (Looking back, as if one is hiking from Soldier Pass parking lot to the Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole.)

On To Devil's Kitchen - Sedona, Az 

Hike down to a streambed.

First Part of Soldier Pass Trail, Sedona Az

Hike out of the streambed to the trailhead and parking lot. 

First Part of Soldier Pass Trail 

Soldier Pass Trailhead. Note, the hiker's registration box. The Sphinx Rock Formation can be seen in the background.   

Soldier Pass Trailhead 

Soldier Pass Trail parking lot. This lot closes at 6:00 pm and the gate is locked.  

Soldier Pass Trail Parking Lot 

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