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Soldier Pass South Trailhead - Heading Up
Jordan & Cibola Pass Trail Heading East
Cibola Pass Heading West to Soldier Pass

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  


Jordan Trail to West Park Ridge Dr. Trail Junction
& Old Brins Mesa Parking Lot (Hiking Southeast)



Jordan Trail is a 1.5 mile moderate trek which leads from the Devil's Sinkhole to West Park Ridge Dr. and the old Brins Mesa parking lot. It is a moderate hike with a 200 foot change in elevation. Jordan Trail is shown in light purple on the topographic map below. The blue trail is Cibola Pass.  

For more information go to the U.S. Forest Service Website.

Aerial Map of Jordan and Cibola Pass Trail

Topographic Map of Cibola Pass (Yellow) and Jordan trail (Green)

Western Trailhead for Jordan Trail by Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole

Trailhead - Jordan Trail - Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole

Jordan Trail near Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole.

Jordan Trail by Devil's Sinkhole

The Sphinx Rock Formation can be seen from this portion of the trail.
   The Sphinx rock Formation The Sphinx Rock Formation


Heading East, just pass Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole.

Trailhead Jordan Trail

The small knoll on the horizon separates Cibola Pass Trail which will go to the left (North) of the knoll and Jordan Trail which will go to the right (South) of the knoll.  Cibola Pass Trail branches off Jordan Trail at the base of the knoll.  

Jordan Trail

Jordan Trail

Hiking toward the base of the knoll.

Jordan Trail

View to the East.

Jordan Trail

Jordan Trail

Jordan Trail

Jordan Trail before Cibola Pass Trailhead

Jordan Trail

Second Half of Jordan Trail

Trail branches.   

Cibla Pass Trailhead

Taking the branch to the right (red arrow) will lead you on a one mile hike to West Park Ridge Drive Trail Junction and the old Brins Mesa Parking Lot.    


The second half of Jordan Trail is initially flat but soon ascends in a moderate hike.

Second Half of Jordan Trail

Cairns mark the trail.

Cairns Jordan Trail

The trail leads East. Note the cairn which marks the trail.

Jordan Trail Leading East

Jordan Trail

One ascends Jordan Trail using rock stepping stones.

Jordan Trail Rock Steps

Jordan Trail

Cairns mark the gentle ascent of the trail.

Jordan Trail Cairns

View to the East

Jordan Trail

Jordan Trail

View to the Northeast as one descends on the east side of Jordan Trail.

Jordan Trail View to the Northeast

View to the East.

Jordan Trail View to the East

The trail then follows utility lines.

Jordan Trail Power Lines

Close up view to the East of above photograph.

Jordan Trail View to East

Jordan Trail

View to the Northeast.

Jordan Trail - view Northeast

Jordan Trail

The trail continues downhill. The picture on the right shows the view to the Northeast and a cairn marking the trail.

Jordan Trail - View to the Northeast and Cairns Marking the Trail




A small unmarked side trail (as of 5/26/2009) is seen just before the trail ends. Presumably, this leads North to the Brins Mesa parking lot. 

At the Old Brins Mesa parking lot the trail has a junction with the West Park Ridge Drive. There is a final portion of the Jordan Trail which follows the road up (North) for approximately 0.4 miles to the new Brins Mesa parking lot. 

Old Parking Lot - Jordan Trail


Jordan Trail - Eastern Trailhead
Eastern trailhead of Jordan Trail On West Park Ridge Dr.