Cathedral Rock

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This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  


Doe Mountain Upper Trail.

Doe Mountain Upper Trail - 2 

Rock formations on the top of Doe Mountain seen from the upper trail.

Doe Mountain Almost At Top


Rock trail leading to top of Doe Mountain.

Amost to Top of Doe Mountain

The final climb to the top consists of several rock steps and a short 45 degree rock crevice with very good footing.

Final climb to top of Doe Mountain

View to the west from the top of Doe Mountain.  The very southernmost portion of Bear Mountain can be seen. 

Doe Mountain View to West

View to the northeast showing Boynton Canyon and Deadman's Pass.

View to the Northeast from Doe Mountain

Doe Mountain view of Dry Creek.

Doe Mountain View of Dry Creek

View of Deadman's Pass, Mescal Mountain and Dry Creek from the top of Doe Mountain.

Doe Mountain View of Mescal Mountain

View of Mescal Mountain (left) and Dry Creek.  Wilson Mountain is in the distance.

Doe Mountain and Dry Creek

View of Dry Creek and Wilson Mountain.

Doe Mountain Top Trail

Top Trail View of Chimney Rock.

Top Trail View of Chimney Rock

View of Capital Butte and Chimney Rock.
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Doe Mountain Top Trail and Chimney Rock

Top Trail on Doe Mountain.

Doe Mountain Top trail

Capital Butte can be seen in the distance.

Doe Mountain Top Trail 2

View of Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock from Doe Mountain.

View of Capital and Bell Rock from Doe Mountain

View looking South from Doe Mountain.

Doe Mountain Looking Soutn

Starting back on Doe Mesa.

Doe Mountain Top Trail - Returning

A cairn marks where the trail descends down the mountain.

Top Cairn Marking Descent

Starting down Doe Mountain.

Doe Mountain Trail Staring Down

The dark shadow marks the crevice which one uses to climb down.

Doe Mountain Trail Staring Down - 2

Upper Part of Doe Mountain Trail

Descending the center portion of the trail.

Mid Trail Going Down

Returning to the parking lot on the lower part of the trail. 

Doe Mountain lower Trail