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Huckaby Trail - Southern Trailhead

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

Huckaby Trail and Midgley Bridge MapClick on Map to Enlarge


Midgley Bridge & Huckaby Trail

Midgley Birdge is located 5.5 miles north on Hwy 89A from the Y intersection of Hwy 197 in downtown Sedona. Just east of the bridge is a parking lot which serves as a trailhead for the following trails:

  • Wilson Mountain and Huckaby Trail Sign and MapWilson Mountain Trail  --  5.6 miles (round trip) with a 2400 foot elevation. This strenuous trail has some of the best views in Sedona.  

  • Wilson Canyon Trail  --  2.2 mile trail with a 500 foot elevation.

  • Jim Thompson Trail -- Leads 3 miles to the Brins Mesa Trail parking lot. This is an easy trail with a 100 foot change in elevation.

  • Huckaby Trail -- 2.6 mile moderate trail leading from Midgley Bridge to the Schnebly Hill trailhead.                          
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Wilson Mountain Trail Map
Wilson Mountain Trail
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Huckaby Trail Map - Sedona Az

Go To Huckaby Southern Trailhead (Schnebly Hill Rd.)

Midgley Bridge parking lot, looking north at Wilson Mountain.  The northern trailhead leads to the Wilson Mountain Trail, Wilson Canyon Trail and Jim Thompson Trail. 

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MIdgeby Bridge Parking Lost

Midgley Bridge Vista and the Huckaby Trail Northern Trailhead (Blue).  The trail extends on the other side of Oak Creek (Purple).    The trail outline will disappear every 5 seconds.

Between the two trails there is not a well defined path.  In addition, Oak Creek will have to be forged since these is no bridge.  

Midgley Bridge Huckaby Northern Trailhead

The Jim Thompson Trail traverse south of Wilson Mountain and ends in the Brins Mesa Trail parking lot. 

Jim Thomspson Trail

Trail sign at west side of parking lot, marking trail to Midgley Bridge Vista and Huckaby Trailhead.

Trail Sign Huckyaby Trail

Midgley Bridge Vista 


Looking back at the stairs leading to the vista. 

View of Huckaby Trail in the portion which follows Oak Creek.  This trail leads from Midgley Bridge to Schnebly Hill Road parking lot - Fall. 

Huckaby Trail

View of Oak Creek Canyon in spring. 

View up Oak Creek Canyon from  Midgley Bridge Vista.

View Up Oak Creek Canyon 

View down Oak Creek Canyon from Midgley Bridge Vista.

View Down Oak Creek Canyon

View to the East from Midgley Bridge Vista.

View to the East from Midgely Bridge Vista

Start of Huckaby Trail off of Midgley Bridge VIsta

Start of Huckaby Trail off of Midgley Bridge VIsta

Looking Northeast from the trail.


The trail now branches to the right and descends downhill. Grasshopper Trail continues straight ahead (left side of picture).

View of Midgley Bridge as Huckaby Trail descends into Oak Creek Canyon.   Steamboat Rock can be seen on the horizon. 


Go To Second Half of Huckaby Trail Along Oak Creek