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Soldier Pass Arches
Brins Mesa Trail
Soldier Pass South Trailhead - Heading Up
Jordan & Cibola Pass Trail Heading East

Upper Soldier Pass Trail Looking Down the Pass (South)

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

Soldier Pass Trail

Topographic Map of Soldier Pass Trail


Last leg of Soldier Pass trail leading to the Soldier Pass Arches Trailhead and to Brins Mesa. In this section, the trail travels along  in a dry creek bed. 


The trail leaves the creek bed.

The trail continues North.


To the right (east) one of Soldier Pass Arches can be seen.   Go to Soldier Pass Arches Trail

The trail becomes steeper.

A view to the East of one of Soldier Pass arches.
Go to Soldier Pass Arches Trail





Looking back down the trail. The trail continues to rise to reach Brins Mesa. 

Rock steps aid in ascending the trail.



Care is required as the trail narrows and a steep grade is to the right (East).

Great care is required as the trail narrows slopes with a steep drop-off to the right (East).


The slope lessens and a large rock mesa is encountered. 

A view back down Soldier Pass.

View to the Northeast.

View to the Northwest.

View to the Southwest.

View to the Southeast.

View to the East.

Prickley pear cactus with yellow flowers.

Trail leads Northeast.

Trail leads Northeast.

Soldier Pass trail merges with Brins Mesa Trail. 
(Hiker is by the trailhead sign).